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We aim for all the kids who come to Pasitos de Luz to be as happy and healthy as possible. Sadly, we sometimes receive kids at Casa Connor who are undernourished and haven’t been given the love and emotional stability that they so desperately need. We always endeavour to support the child, and the family, to redress this balance.

Children receive a healthy breakfast and lunch each day. Nutrition and dietary assistance is a significant part of helping children reach their potential. We monitor dietary requirements and assist families in helping to introduce much-needed minerals, vitamins and healthy-eating in the home. Children and families also receive assistance to ensure appropriate hygiene and bathing techniques. To promote wellbeing, children with extreme disabilities are also given visual and audio stimulation.

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We pride ourselves on providing a balanced diet. That means reduced sugar, little or no salt and no processed foods, plus lots of fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, soya, beans and plenty of other goodness.

All our children are served a nutritious energy-boosting breakfast when they arrive, fresh fruit at midday, followed by a hearty lunch. As some of our children can take up to 45 minutes to eat one meal, which we carefully supervise, it is essential they receive all the nutrients they need. In order to assist with growth and to help treat some forms of malnutrition, often brought on by the family’s lack of understanding or lack of education, we introduce special dietary supplements, helping to give our kids additional vitamins, minerals and to help some of them gain much-needed weight.

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Our children are looked after by a well-trained group of professionals with experience of taking care of disabled children. We focus on ensuring that the children’s emotional wellbeing is always taken into consideration. Our services aim to offer a home environment with a large extended family, looking out for one another.

The kids who come to Pasitos de Luz are also encouraged to try new things, to push themselves and to experience the richness of life, whether that be trying surfing for the first time, going to the cinema or cooking alongside a famous chef.

In our effort to improve the lives of the children we help, we are also committed to the wellbeing of their whole family. We try to help where we can, by giving weekly donations of food and supplies to our families, to ensure our kids get as much nutrition as possible over the weekend and the evenings when they are not in our care.

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