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Goods donated in kind are always welcome and very gratefully received. We have ongoing needs, such as diapers, cleaning products, staple foods etc, but also some items that colleagues have requested specially for their areas. These are ‘Wish List’ items, which you can see below.

Pasitos de Luz

If you are able to support us by donating in-kind, please get in touch by email at or phone/WhatsApp on +52 322 137 1890 so that we can help coordinate your donation. Thank you in advance for your kindness!

Our needs by area:

Cleaning Products – Ongoing Needs

  • Large black trash bags (‘jumbo’ size)
  • Liquid hand soap (ideally: ‘equate’ brand)
  • Toilet paper (ideally: Suavel or Pétalo brands)
  • Transparent trash bags (‘medium’ size)
  • Washing detergent (ideally: Roma brand, large 5kg or 10kg bags)

Daycare – Ongoing Needs

  • Air freshener sprays (ideally: Lysol brand)
  • Baby powder
  • Baby wipes
  • Diapers – Stages 3,4,5,6 and 7
  • Hair cream (ideally: Sedal or Pantene brands)
  • Shampoo (ideally: Pantene Pro V, large bottles 1.13L)

Infirmary – Wish List!

  • Stretcher kit (includes accessories such as neck braces), Approx cost: $315 USD

Kitchen – Ongoing Needs

  • Condensed milk (ideally: Lechera brand, packet of 8)
  • Ground coffee (ideally: San Marino brand, 1.3kg)
  • Lentils
  • Milk (ideally: full fat, Nutri Leche brand, box of 10 cartons)
  • Soy sauce
  • Sugar (ideally: large bags, 1kg)
  • Tinned tuna in oil (ideally: large tins, 1.8kg)
  • Washing up powder (ideally: Salvo brand, 1kg bags)

Kitchen – Wish List!

  • Utility cart (zinc-plated steel finish, 3 levels), Approx cost: $145 USD

Physical Therapy – Wish List!

  • Barrel Roll Tumble Form for improving balance, Approx cost: $750 USD
  • Bosu Balance Trainer, Approx cost: $175 USD
  • Compress Heater
  • Fine and gross motor skill toys
  • Physical Therapy wedges and bolsters, Approx cost: $230 USD
  • Play structures

Special Education – Wish List!
  • Filing cabinet with lock
  • Kids shorts with elastic waistbands (part of the Pasitos de Luz uniform)
  • Large drums for music class
  • Medium-sized toy box
  • Paints for arts & crafts – both acrylic and watercolour
  • Sensory learning materials for children with visual impairments
  • Shelving unit

Thank you for making a difference!