Love Pasitos Monthly operational campaign

Love Pasitos Monthly

We are looking for big-hearted people who would like to love us back by donating each month to help us cover our basic running costs and become sustainable for years to come.

Casa Connor is a joyful and loving environment for our children and staff. Our motto is Working with Love and that is why we have decided to call our priority operations campaign Love Pasitos Monthly.

Help us to become sustainable

Pasitos de Luz has existed as a registered Mexican non-profit for over 20 years. During that time we have had to strive year after year to cover our basic running costs. We are still striving today!

We absolutely rely on ongoing support through monthly donations to do the basics at Casa Connor, which include:

  • replenishing diapers, wet wipes, baby powder etc. for daily comfort and care
  • buying classroom materials for increasing educational development
  • paying for medicines that improve functioning, health and wellbeing
  • purchasing food to ensure proper nutrition for the children, incorporating essential vitamins and minerals
  • purchasing essential therapy equipment to ensure the children benefit from the widest range of therapies.

In 2019, through donations and a fantastic team of staff and volunteers, our operating expenses, including food, medication, childcare products, operations, utilities, staffing, maintenance and much more, were approximately $343,000 USD for the year. This is a remarkably low figure, given that we are open 250 days of the year and support over 130 families.. We know that we can cover over 50% of this if we have 300 kind people donating to us every month. Will you be part of this?

Mateo and Monse smiling Pasitos de Luz

Mateo and Monse smile for the camera!

Pasitos Pendants for Monthly Donors

For over 500 years, Mexico has been renowned for the quality of its silver. It is the biggest silver producer in the world, and so we thought it appropriate to offer beautiful Mexican silver pendants to new donors to our Love Pasitos Monthly campaign. This is a small ‘thank you’ for a big act of kindness. Wear your Pasitos pendant with pride here

Continuing to Work with Love

Will you Love Pasitos Monthly and help us provide life-changing support for years to come? We can guarantee that a donation of $30/month, (just a dollar a day), will be used to buy the most essential items for our daily needs, specific to directly helping the children noted above. Or you can choose a greater amount and provide a monthly donation of $50/month. Again, this money will go straight to providing exactly what we need to support the children who come each day to Casa Connor and would include those items above, plus broader needs such as transportation, cleaning products etc.

Our goal is to reach 300 monthly donors, or a total of approximately $12,000 dollars per month, which will contribute more than 50% of our running costs. We are on the way to 300, but desperately need your help.

You can donate by…

  • clicking ‘I Want a Tax Deductible Receipt’ if you live in the USA, Canada or Mexico and want your donation to be tax deductible. Here you will find guidance for making a tax deductible donation in your home country.
  • selecting one of the fixed amounts in the blue Help us to reach our Goal box, or choosing your own amount, if you would like to donate directly through Paypal or by credit or debit card.

You will genuinely be helping us to meet our basic running costs and continue our work with some of Puerto Vallarta’s most under-privileged children.

Thank you for Loving Pasitos Monthly. Your donations change children’s lives.

Help us to reach our Goal

$7,042.22 USD
$12,000 USD
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$30 USD
$50 USD

If you do not need a tax deductible receipt, please make your donation by PayPal

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Every donation, even the smallest, makes a difference.  Please join us in supporting Pasitos de Luz and send your donation today.

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Thanks for your donation, children appreciate it :)