Campaigns for Pasitos de Luz at Casa Connor


If you would like to help Pasitos de Luz by donating in a way that will have a long-term and sustainable impact, please consider supporting one of our critical Campaigns.

We are focusing our current critical Campaigns on the two major areas of Capital Projects and Operations.

Our Capital Projects Campaign targets building a much-needed Therapy Pool for our kids. We support children with a range of disabilities, including Cerebral Palsy and extrapyramidal syndrome, who would all benefit immensely from regular hydrotherapy. For example, we know that the resistance of water helps slow down movements, allowing the brain to process signals more thoroughly. This can benefit children’s fine and gross motor movements. Do you want to be part of this life-changing project?

Our Operations Campaign is called Love Pasitos Monthly. We are looking for people with a big heart who are willing to support us on a monthly basis to help us become sustainable for years to come. We rely 100% on our monthly donors to help us do the basics, such as providing our children with nutritious meals each day (we serve breakfast, midday fresh fruit and a healthy lunch to all our kids), as well as giving them much-needed therapies, medicine and physical aids, including wheelchairs.

Help us Build our Therapy Pool

Rehab | $284,000 USD

We want to build a Therapy Pool to be able to offer vital hydrotherapy to our kids. Before we moved to Casa Connor, we had access to a very small pool in our old location, which was hugely popular with our children and produced lasting benefits. Now ...

Love Pasitos Monthly

Operation | $12,000 USD

We are looking for big-hearted people who would like to love us back by donating each month to help us cover our basic running costs and become sustainable for years to come. Casa Connor is a joyful and loving environment for our children and staf...


Every donation, even the smallest, makes a difference.  Please join us in supporting Pasitos de Luz and send your donation today.

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Think you could be of service to our community at Pasitos de Luz?

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