Pasitos pendants for monthly donors

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We would like to say a small ‘thank you’ or ‘gracias’ to new donors to our priority Love Pasitos Monthly campaign by them offering a beautiful Pasitos pendant, featuring the mothers and children design of our logo.

Our pendants have been specially designed and produced in Puerto Vallarta using Mexican silver. For over five centuries, Mexico has been renowned for the quality of its silver and is the biggest silver producer in the world. Therefore, we thought it appropriate to offer Mexican silver pendants to new donors to our Love Pasitos Monthly campaign.

A small ‘thank you’ for a big act of kindness

Our pendants are available in two sizes….

There is a charming smaller pendant for big-hearted people donating $30-$40/month

There is a stunning larger pendant for big-hearted people donating $50/month or more

 If you would like to Love Pasitos Monthly and receive one of our pendants, just visit the campaign page here to become a monthly donor.

If you are a current monthly donor, please consider increasing your donation by $30/month to receive one of our pendants. Just send us an email to  if you have any questions about increasing your monthly donation. Your support means the world to us!

Our beautiful silver pendant designs…

Pasitos large pendant for Love Pasitos Monthly donor

Small Pasitos pendant for Love Pasitos Monthly donors

Small Pasitos pendant for Love Pasitos Monthly donors