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From the very beginning, Pasitos de Luz opened its doors to offer love, support and rehabilitation to the special children of Puerto Vallarta and its surrounding areas. Our services are wide-ranging and essential to the wellbeing and improvement of each of our special children’s conditions.

We offer FREE day care and therapy services (as most of the parents are single mothers) to enable the parent(s) to work. We focus on providing specialized care, therapies, special education, music, dance, art, balanced meals and nutritional aid (some children take over 45 minutes to feed).  We offer a fun, caring, nurturing environment where the children can love and be loved.

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Specialized health and work plans

When a child comes to us, he or she is given a complete examination by our on-site doctor. A diagnosis and health program is developed for each child and our staff introduce a work plan with milestones. When possible, children are also given educational goals to help them achieve their highest level of development. Nutritional deficiencies and needs are also identified. Based on the overall diagnosis, we give each child a comprehensive plan. In addition, the families are provided with education on how to incorporate these plans into the home.

Working hard for our kids

We provide services Monday to Friday throughout most of the year. We close over Christmas and New Year, Easter and for two or three weeks during the summer rainy season.

We begin our day at 8:00 a.m. The children are helped onto the bus from our former location in the Pitillal neighbourhood (or are picked up along the route) and are taken to Casa Connor by 9:00 am. At 4:00 pm the children are helped onto the bus again and are taken back to their parents. They are dropped off by 5:00 pm at the location where they were picked up.