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Mia Aboites Díaz 

Little Mia was just 9 months old when her mom Karina first brought her to Pasitos de Luz in 2018. She is now 3 and has grown up to be a happy, charismatic and sociable girl. She loves to be the centre of attention, and enjoys listening to music and playing games with building blocks. There is nothing that Mia likes better than to give people a big hug.


Mia has Down Syndrome, which means that she has limited muscle strength and is prone to heart conditions. She also has the facial features typical in people with Down Syndrome. When she first started at Pasitos de Luz, she could not walk or sit up by herself. She was also not crawling because her body was so flaccid. Little Mia had not yet spoken her first words and could not eat by herself, relying on being fed mashed food.


Mia’s wellbeing and quality of life have really improved at Pasitos de Luz thanks to the hard, coordinated work of our staff team. It was a beautiful moment when she managed to take her first steps, albeit with a little help from one of our therapists, and when she spoke her first words.

Now her body has much better muscle strength, which has enabled Mia to adopt a variety of different positions, including sitting up by herself. If you pop your head into our cafeteria, you will see Mia eating all by herself. She can now eat solid food.

There is, however, still plenty of work to do with Mia. She must continue to build her muscle strength to be able to walk independently and she still has a long way to go with her spoken language. We have started getting her to do language exercises as a way to improve her speech.

Family Life

Mia is an only child who lives with her mom and dad. Her mom is very active on social media and loves posting photos with Mia to show their weekend activities as a family. Little Mia absolutely loves coming to Pasitos de Luz, which is her home from home; here she can spend time with her friends and with our therapists and caregivers. She eats well and is treated like a princess (as are all the kids who come to Pasitos de Luz!).