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Jorge López Campos

Jorge, who is now 4, started at Pasitos de Luz in August 2019, at the age of 3. Jorge is a very happy and sociable little boy who likes construction cars and farmyard animals. He also likes music class, and particularly enjoys singing along with his classmates. Jorge loves to be out in our Huerto (outdoor garden space). He especially loves to pet the horses.


Jorge has a diagnosis of leukodystrophy, which has meant that he has not reached the milestones that other boys his age would normally have reached. For example, when he first arrived at Casa Connor, he was not walking or even crawling, could not hold a spoon to eat, and did not show much interest in performing daily tasks, such as dressing himself or washing his hands. Jorge also had little or no interest in books or colours.


The team at Pasitos de Luz has worked hard to improve Jorge’s quality of life. He can now crawl, manages to stand up and remain steady on his feet, and can also now walk with assistance. We were also extremely proud of Jorge when he started to eat by himself with a spoon. Jorge has shown other improvements, such as being more conscientious with his personal hygiene and is now able to dress himself with minimal help. He has also started to show interest in books and classroom activities, such as colouring in, and is much more willing to engage with teaching materials. The next challenge for Jorge will be for him to stand up unaided, walk unassisted and dress himself completely independently.

Family Life

Jorge lives with his mom and dad, an older sister and his uncles. What he really relishes each day is being dropped off at the Pasitos bus stop, where he enjoys chatting with classmates. Once on the bus, he likes nothing better than to look out at the scenery passing.