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Jesé Cruz Bautista

Jesé is 8 years old and started at Pasitos de Luz when he was 6. At first he was shy, refusing to talk even when spoken to. Now Jesé loves chatting with his friends and is very sociable. He is keen to take part in activities, speaks up when he wants to and shows enthusiasm for what is happening around him. He loves to point out things through the windows of the Pasitos bus, and also enjoys Temazcal (a traditional Mexican steam therapy) and games that involve water.


Jesé is diagnosed with global developmental delay, which meant that, when he first started at Pasitos de Luz, he was unable to crawl, stand up or walk unaided, the things boys his age should normally be able to do. Jesé was also unable to manipulate things with his hands, which limited his ability to play with toys or grab on to the things around him. During his first few weeks with us, he was extremely insecure and did not make eye contact with either his teachers or his classmates. Jesé was also significantly undernourished.


The hard work of the team at Pasitos de Luz has helped improve Jesé’s quality of life. He can now stand up to engage in activities, can now walk all by himself, and is able to use his hands to play with toys. Jesé is also very active in the classroom. He enjoys learning and is now a much more self-confident little boy. We are also pleased to say that his diet has improved and that he is now at the suitable weight for a boy his age. We would now like to see Jesé able to walk longer distances, run and jump, and to continue developing his fine motor skills.

Family Life

Jesé lives with mom, dad and his little brother. He enjoys coming to Pasitos de Luz because here he has received the love and attention that make him feel at home.Je