The Cavelti Family Foundation is making a difference at Pasitos de Luz in Mexico!

Pasitos de Luz charity donate Puerto Vallarta Cavelti Family Foundation

October 23rd 2023

The Cavelti Family Foundation, based in Toronto, Canada, has renewed its commitment to supporting children with disabilities in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, Mexico.

The Foundation first made a financial contribution to Pasitos de Luz in 2022, after Peter Cavelti and his wife Caroline took the time to visit our facility while on vacation in the region. They had the opportunity to see first-hand the work that we do with disabled kids from single mom and low-income families; physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, nutrition, special education, dance and music worshops, and much more. All our services are 100% free-of-charge

Pasitos de Luz charity donate Puerto Vallarta Cavelti Family Foundation

Following their visit, Peter and Caroline commented that “We have a much better idea of your operation now and are impressed”.

We used the 2022 donation to continue providing services at no cost to children like Cristian above. Cristian started at Pasitos de Luz in May 2019. He is now 9 years old and has a dual diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and amputation of his left arm. He is fed mainly through a feeding tube. Cristian has been a very challenging case, but this has motivated us to do everything we can to help him! Read Cristian’s story here…

In 2023 we were blessed to receive another larger financial contribution from Peter and Caroline through the Cavelti Family Foundation, who commented “It’s a pleasure to support as worthy and efficiently run a cause as Pasitos de Luz!”. This donation will have a huge impact here, enabling us to purchase vital physiotherapy equipment and classroom materials, all of which will contribute to guaranteeing a much-improved quality of life for the children who benefit from our services.

Thank you Cavelti Family Foundation for opening your hearts to the children of Pasitos de Luz. We are honoured to partner with you and look forward to making a positive impact in more young lives.

Cristian hydrotherapy Pasitos de Luz Cavelti Family Foundation