World Cerebral Palsy Day 2023 Pasitos de Luz Puerto Vallarta donate

Pasitos de Luz is marking World Cerebral Palsy Day throughout October!

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the most common physical disability in childhood; about 1 in 345 children in the United States have been identified with it!  At Pasitos de Luz we care for 14 children with CP, ranging in ages from 2 years old to teenagers.

CP happens when the brain can’t properly send messages to muscles to move in well-coordinated ways. CP affects other body functions that involve motor skills and muscles, like breathing, bladder and bowel control, eating, and talking. It definitely makes living life much more difficult!

Nothing can stop us

At Pasitos de Luz we believe that all children with CP should be given the opportunity to live the best life possible and not be held back by their disability. That’s why this year we’re shouting out loud NOTHING CAN STOP US!

We do everything we can to help them live this best life. We make sure that they eat nutritious breakfasts and lunches every single day, and also provide them with the physical therapy, hydrotherapy and special education they need to reach important milestones, like crawling, standing up and walking. ALL AT NO COST TO THEIR FAMILIES.

DONATE TODAY and give even more kids with CP a helping hand to be the best version of themselves. We have 21 children with CP currently on our waiting list. 

Introducing Santiago Tadeo and Cristian

Santiago Tadeo and Cristian are two kids with CP who won’t let their disability hold them back! We are so proud of their achievements since they have been coming to Pasitos de Luz. 

Santiago Tadeo is 4 years old and has spastic quadriplegia, the most severe form of spastic CP, affecting all four of his limbs, plus his trunk and face. When Santiago Tadeo first started at Pasitos de Luz in 2021, he could not move at all and his mom was desperate for help. Two years later, he is well on his journey towards walking. Well done Santiago Tadeo!

Cristian started at Pasitos de Luz in May 2019. He is now 9 years old and has a dual diagnosis of CP and amputation of his left arm. He is fed mainly through a feeding tube. Cristian has been a very challenging case, but this has motivated us to do everything we can to help him.

At the start of the year, we became worried that he was not at the recommended weight for his age. He weighed just 17 kilos (37 lbs). We contacted a good nutritionist and, following her guidance, began increasing his portion sizes and the amount of protein in his diet. We are pleased to report that Cristian now weighs 21 kilos (46 lbs)!