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Ana Renata

Pasitos de Luz

Ana Renata is a quiet little girl with a big smile who likes playing with dolls and jigsaw puzzles. She is 4 years old and started at Pasitos de Luz when she was 3.


Ana Renata is diagnosed with Trisomy 21, also known as Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is a genetic condition caused by an extra chromosome. People with this condition often have mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, as well as physical complications such as flexible joints and weak, floppy muscles, skeletal abnormalities, including spine, hip, foot and hand disorders, and heart, kidney and thyroid issues.


We want Ana Renata to learn all the skills that she needs for independence in later life. She is enrolled in our Special Education program, where the focus has been on developing her daily living skills, such as going to the toilet, brushing her teeth and washing her hands, as well as language stimulation and recognizing her emotions. Ana Renata is very quiet, and we are encouraging her to express herself more and to let us know how she is feeling and what she enjoys. For example, we now know that she loves dancing, and are encouraging her in this area. She also really enjoys spending time in our gardens, watering and looking after the plants. Our teachers make sure that Ana Renata has the opportunity to regularly get outside into our green spaces.

Another big part of enabling Ana Renata to be more independent is helping her to eat by herself. When she first started at Pasitos de Luz, she wanted to be helped to eat and wouldn’t use cutlery. Now she picks up and eats her tacos, and uses a spoon to eat soup. Well done Ana Renata!

We are also aware that as a child with Down Syndrome, Ana Renata will likely experience health issues. Our nurses regularly assess her to check her weight, blood pressure and other health indicators, advising her parents on any abnormalities or areas of concern.

Family Life

Ana Renata is an only child and lives with her mom in San Vicente, the town nearest to Casa Connor. Her mom and dad are separated. However, she sees her dad regularly and loves being taken to the beach.