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Alexander Dario 

Pasitos de Luz

Dario is a friendly 11-year-old boy who loves to give hugs, ask questions and play the drums.

Dario started at Pasitos de Luz in 2019 when his mom Elizabeth was signposted to us by one of his school teachers. Elizabeth had begun to notice that her son was becoming increasingly withdrawn, isolated and frustrated at school, unable to keep up with his classmates academically because there were no allowances given by teachers for his blindness. The teacher explained to Elizabeth that we offered a special program for blind children free-of-charge, and immediately got in touch to arrange a consultation.


Dario was born prematurely at 27 weeks, and was subsequently kept in a neonatal incubator for 55 days. Tragically, being incubated for so long left Dario blind.


The main objective of Dario’s education and therapies at Pasitos de Luz is for him to become as independent as possible. He is taught by Eliseo, our blind massage therapist, to use his walking stick and is now able to move around Casa Connor all by himself. Eliseo has also been teaching Dario early Braille. We have been helping Dario develop his fine and gross motor skills through classroom exercises, as well as helping him improve his spatial awareness through sensory exercises. Dario can now do many of the everyday tasks that we take for granted, such as dressing himself, going to the toilet and washing his hands / brushing his teeth.

Dario’s favourite activities at Casa Connor are going out into the gardens to water the plants and taking part in music classes, particularly drumming classes.

Family Life

Dario lives with his mom, his twin brother and his baby sister in a small apartment about 20 minutes drive from Casa Connor. Elizabeth is a single mom, who is able to provide for her family working as a Special Education teacher at Pasitos de Luz.