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Lucio Ramos Silva

Lucio is a playful, happy and sociable boy who was 4 when he first started with us in 2014. He is now 10 years old. He loves music and dancing, and also really enjoys taking part in outdoor activities in our garden spaces, such as tending to the plants and participating in Temazcal (a traditional Mexican steam therapy).


Lucio has a diagnosis of epilepsy and spastic cerebral palsy. He could only move himself by dragging one foot behind the other, and was unable to form any words. Lucio also found it very difficult to eat by himself. He could not hold a spoon and would spill food everywhere! In fact, Lucio was unable to hold any objects when he first started at Pasitos de Luz and was still using a diaper at the age of 4. Our teachers found it very difficult to get him interested in learning activities.


By working patiently and caringly as a team, the staff at Pasitos de Luz have managed to improve the quality of life of Lucio. With our care and support, he is now able to crawl, stand upright and even move without assistance, though he is still a bit unsteady on his feet. His spoken language is much improved; from saying his first few words, he has now reached the point of being able to form phrases and even hold a short conversation. Lucio can eat by himself without spilling too much food (he still has a little way to go here!), and in the classroom he loves colouring in, which he does with increasing accuracy. Another major improvement has been in his personal hygiene. He has learnt to wash his hands and mouth at the appropriate times, and has stopped wearing diapers.

Thanks to the large outdoor spaces at Casa Connor, Lucio has been able to participate in Temazcal, a traditional Mexican steam therapy, which has really helped him to integrate among his classmates. Challenges still lie ahead for Lucio, such as being able to walk straight without dragging one foot or having a better sitting posture. We are also determined to help Lucio to read and write!

Family Life

Lucio lives with his mom and his two sisters. His mum is thrilled with the progress he has made at Pasitos de Luz, grateful that he is eating more healthily, has better personal hygiene and that he is much more sociable with his family members and friends.