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Enrique Miramontes Rivera 

Enrique is a sociable and affectionate boy who is now 9 years old. He started at Pasitos de Luz in 2018 at the age of 6. He enjoys music and spending time outdoors, especially when he is taken out on his adapted bike. Enrique is happiest when he is in the company of others.


Enrique is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and paraparesis (partial paralysis of both legs). When he first started his therapies at Casa Connor, Enrique could only communicate through gestures. He wasn’t able to crawl or sit up by himself, and would drag himself along the floor to get from one place to another. He had just enough strength in his hands and arms to hold small objects and needed help to eat, our caregivers having to chop up all his food for him. Enrique was also overweight.


By working patiently as a team, the staff at Pasitos de Luz have managed to improve Enrique’s quality of life. We are so proud of Enrique for now being able to communicate through sounds rather than only through gestures, and are also thrilled that he is now crawling. At mealtimes, he sits upright and can grip a spoon to feed himself. Thanks to increased strength in his arms and hands, he engages in classroom activities and games, and thanks to a much improved diet, he is no longer overweight.

The next achievements we would like to see in Enrique are: developing his spoken language, and building up strength in his lower limbs to be able to stand up and, eventually, to take his first steps.

Family Life

Enrique lives with his mom, dad and his two older brothers. His parents have both told us that, since starting at Pasitos de Luz, he is a happier, more confident boy. It has meant such a lot to them to see their son enjoy an improved level of health and wellbeing. We are sure that Enrique will continue reaching those all-important milestones.