Pasitos de Luz

Xochitl Guadalupe Rios

Xochitl, or Xochi as she is affectionately know, started at Pasitos de Luz in late 2016 when she was not even 2 years old.


Xochi has been diagnosed with Hemiparetic Cerebral Palsy. Children with Hemiparetic Cerebral Palsy have difficulty in performing activities which rely on the coordinated use of both hands. They also exhibit limited control over the use of their neck and can find it difficult to sit up by themselves. When Xochi started at Pasitos de Luz, she could not speak and babbled her words.


After 4 years of regular therapy at Pasitos de Luz, we are pleased to say that Xochi has come on a long way. She has much more control over her upper body, is able to crawl all by herself and can lift herself up into a sitting position much more easily.

However, while she has had great success in her progress, she is not yet able to walk unaided. That is the next stage of her development programme. Watch this space!

We are particularly excited with how Xochi has improved in terms of her speech. Her new vocabulary is a joy to hear and she can regularly be heard calling for the attention of staff and other children at Pasitos de Luz. She is a bit of a chatterbox!

Family life

Xochi lives in Puerto Vallarta with her mum, dad and three siblings. She is the second youngest in the family. One of her favourite things is fancy dress. She loves dressing up as a princess!


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