Pasitos de Luz

Xitlaly Topete Hernández

Xitlaly is a happy, energetic, charismatic and discerning little girl who is now 5 years old. She was 3 when she started at Pasitos de Luz in 2018. She loves being out in the garden spaces at Casa Connor, where she enjoys taking part in music and dance classes. She also likes to water our plants and participate in Temazcal, an ancient Mexican steam therapy.


Xitlaly has a diagnosis of Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. It was hard to get her to concentrate when she first started at Pasitos de Luz. She would become easily distracted, and could not eat by herself and was also not talking. She had not yet learned to control her bladder or her sphincter muscles.


By working closely as a team, we have achieved some real breakthroughs with Xitlaly, and have been absolutely thrilled with her progress. She is now walking with much more confidence and fluidity, and can go to the toilet all by herself. We have also seen improvements from Xitlaly in the classroom. Her attention span is much improved, which means that she is happy to engage in games and activities, both individually or as part of a group. When teachers give her instructions, Xitlaly patiently listens.

We have all been really impressed with how Xitlaly’s spoken language has come along since she started at Pasitos. She can now form a few short phrases and is confident greeting people at Casa Connor with a cheerful hola chicos. The next challenge for Xitlaly is to develop her daily living skills; learning to dress herself, tie her shoelaces, brush her own hair etc. We are also going to focus on improving her spoken language, as well as her reading and writing.

Family Life

Xitlaly lives with her dad and her mom. She is already a little social media star, appearing in TikTok videos alongside her mom Marisela. She also loves to appear in selfies. Xitlaly has made many friends at Pasitos de Luz and enjoys the company of her classmates and teachers. Here she feels safe and loved.


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