Pasitos de Luz

Sahir Valenzuela Campos

Sahir is a smiley, affectionate little boy who first came to Pasitos de Luz in 2017 when he was just 2 years old. He is now 6. He likes being taken out for walks by his grandmother, and also enjoys the company of his teachers and therapists at Casa Connor.


Sahir is diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia, a severe form of cerebral palsy. When Sahir and his mom Mariana first came to us, he was capable of little or no independent movement. He could not control his neck movements, could not roll over and was unable to grip anything with his hands. He was also not talking, only able to make a few incoherent sounds. His mom Mariana told us that she only fed him liquidized food.


Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our therapists, caregivers and other staff, Sahir has come on leaps and bounds at Pasitos de Luz. One of the first things we helped him to achieve was to twist his body to the left and to the right. Recently he has started to show greater control over his neck movements and is also able to make movements over extended periods of time. Before, he would become easily tired after very minimal physical exertion. It has also been great to see Sahir develop more strength in his hands and feet. He manages to hold objects in his hands and can move his feet. He is also eating solid food and has even started to communicate by making sounds, letting us know what he wants and what he doesn’t want.

We have been very excited to see Sahir make major progress and know that he is capable of more. We will continue to work with him to increase strength in his neck and trunk, and to help him develop greater movement in his arms and legs. We are hopeful that his language and general communication will improve too.

Family Life

Sahir lives with his mother and his grandmother. The days he comes to Pasitos de Luz are a welcome change of routine. He can socialize with new people and feel the love and warmth that we all have towards him, as we will him on to achieve his goals.


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