Pasitos de Luz

Lucero Rufino Mencía

Lucero is 3 years old and started at Pasitos de Luz in 2019, at the age of 1. Lucero is a charismatic, smiley, very happy, sociable little girl, who loves music and dancing. She also likes to go for walks and to explore Casa Connor.


Lucero is diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Hypothyroidism. She also suffers from significant psychomotor delay, which meant that, when she first started at Pasitos, she could not sit, crawl or roll over. She also babbled her words and could only eat mashed food, with which she needed help since she was unable to hold a spoon.


Thanks to the hard work of the Pasitos de Luz team, Lucero now enjoys a much better quality of life. She is able to roll over, sit up by herself, crawl and even stand up without help. We are delighted with Lucero’s progress, especially since she spoke her very first words: water, mom and dad.

Little Lucero’s diet has vastly improved, now consisting of solid foods, and she can eat all by herself. The next milestones for Lucero are for her to walk completely unaided, and to be able to run and jump. We will continue working with Lucero on her cognitive development and would love to see her integrated into our Special Education program.

Family Life

Lucero lives with her mom and dad. Coming to Pasitos de Luz has really helped her to come out of her shell, since she is now interacting with children of her own age, as well as with other children who have the same diagnosis. We have also worked with her parents so that her diet and hygiene are better at home.


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