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Kenia Salazon Lara

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Kenia is 6 years old and started at Pasitos de Luz when she was 2. Both her parents need to work to pay the bills, and so they were delighted to be introduced to Pasitos de Luz as an option for their little daughter.


Initially, at 6 months old, Kenia was diagnosed as having psychomotor delay. However, shortly after her 1st birthday, her diagnosis was changed to spastic quadriplegia. It is the most severe of the three types of spastic Cerebral Palsy, marked by the inability to control and use the legs, arms, and body. Kenia experiences muscle tightness and spasticity, joints that cannot stretch or move and is non-verbal.


Kenia’s physiotherapy at Pasitos de Luz has been focussed on reducing her level of spasticity, on increasing her level of neck control and on maintaining and improving the range of movement in her joints.

Kenia has done really well over the 4 years that she has been coming to Pasitos de Luz. She can sit up with the help of her physiotherapist, can turn over on our therapy beds and can open and close her hands voluntarily. She also has much better control of her neck and torso. What we envisage for Kenia is that she will be able to sit up with little or no help, will be able to grab large objects and will eventually walk unaided. We would absolutely love to see this happen!

Family life

Kenia is an only child who lives with her mum and dad in Puerto Vallarta.


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