Pasitos de Luz

Kaleb Tovar Santiago


Kaleb is one half of a pair of twin brothers. His identical twin, Axel, also comes to Pasitos de Luz. Kaleb is 5 years old and was first enrolled with us at age 1 year 2 months. His mum had became concerned that her sons were behind in their physical and emotional development. In particular, she was worried that Kaleb seemed indifferent to toys, music and other stimuli.


Kaleb has been diagnosed with psychomotor impairment. He has another possible diagnosis of Autism. When he arrived at Pasitos de Luz, he had good control of his head and the rest of his upper body. He was able to sit up, turn and crawl. However, he was unable to walk or stand up by himself. He also found it difficult to follow simple instructions, did not respond to his own name and took little interest in his surroundings.


Kaleb, like his twin brother Axel, has been receiving weekly physiotherapy sessions and special education since he started at Pasitos de Luz. He receives physiotherapy at least three or four times a week. We are extremely proud that Kaleb is now walking independently and responds when spoken to. He also has much stronger muscles and better tone. We believe that Kaleb and his brother Axel will eventually be able to attend a mainstream school.

Family life

Kaleb and Axel’s mum is very young, in her early twenties, and their father is absent. Since their mum has to go out to work to provide for them, the twins are looked after by their maternal grandparents, who bring them to Casa Connor. Often, their grandmother will help out in the kitchen here while Kaleb and Axel receive their therapies.


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