Pasitos de Luz

José (Chepe) Jimenez Ortiz

José is from Puerto Vallarta and started at Pasitos de Luz when he was 2 years old. He is now 7. Everyone knows him as Chepe!


Chepe was born as the second twin. There were complications at birth, which meant that it was touch and go whether he would actually survive. When he was born, he wasn’t breathing. His mother had been diagnosed with a rare life-threatening pregnancy complication called HELLP Syndrome, which meant that she had elevated liver enzymes, a low platelet count and other issues. Luckily, little Chepe pulled through! However, he was born with Cerebral Palsy, as well as Athetosis, a symptom of Cerebral Palsy characterized by slow, involuntary, convoluted, writhing movements of the fingers, hands, toes, and feet.


Since Chepe’s form of Cerebral Palsy is characterized by lots of involuntary movements of his arms and legs throughout the day, we have worked closely with him to help reduce these movements. Our therapists carry out passive movements of his joints and support him to stand on his two feet and to remain standing, often with the help of posture correction equipment. We are also working with Chepe to enable him to sit up by himself and to hold and manipulate objects with his hands.

After 5 years of physiotherapy at Pasitos de Luz, we are delighted to say that Chepe has made some great progress. He can now sit up by himself, has full control of his own neck and can open his hands unaided. He can also follow basic instructions and understands quite a few words, including his own name. If you say buenos días Chepe to him in the morning, he will nod and hold out his hand for a high five.

Family life

Chepe lives in Puerto Vallarta in a busy household. He lives with his mum and dad, his twin brother, as well as his maternal grandmother, aunt and uncle and cousins. It is his maternal grandmother who is his primary carer.


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