Pasitos de Luz

Guadalupe González Barrazo

Guadalupe, or Lupita as she is known to friends and family, is 8 years old and came to Pasitos de Luz at just 8 months.


Lupita has a dual diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and Dandy Walker syndrome. She was born prematurely, which accounts for some of the challenges that she faces. However, aged 2 months, she was also involved in a bad car accident, which resulted in severe head trauma, accounting for many of the major psychomotor problems that she exhibits. Lupita finds it difficult to crawl, walk and coordinate her movements. She also has learning disabilities, which have made it hard for her to learn to speak.


We are really proud of Lupita and the progress she has made at Pasitos de Luz. Thanks to regular physiotherapy, she can now walk if assisted and has developed much more strength in her legs. She can also now sit up by herself and has a lot more control of her upper body. For many years, Lupita would not speak. She has now mastered some basic words, including mamá and papá. 

We are ambitious for Lupita. We believe that if we continue working with her, she will eventually walk by herself and will be able to talk. Her mum has told us that this would be an incredible achievement for her little daughter.

Family life

Lupita is from Puerto Vallarta and has been raised by her mum. She has two older siblings. Her mum works at a taquería just round the corner from our old location near Pitillal.


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