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César Manzo Cruz

César photo cropped Pasitos de Luz

César is 5 years old and came to Pasitos de Luz when he was just 3. He is from San Vicente, which is the nearest little town to Casa Connor.


Little César was born with Trisomy 9p, a rare chromosomal syndrome in which a portion of the 9th chromosome appears three times (trisomy) rather than twice in cells of the body. César displays many of the typical characteristics of this syndrome. Children with Trisomy 9p are affected by delays in reaching developmental milestones, including crawling or walking, growth deficiency, and distinctive malformations of the skull and facial region. Like many children with this syndrome, César also has learning disabilities.


We really want César to be able to walk by himself. Our physiotherapists have been working consistently with him to strengthen his legs and improve his balance. Luckily César came to us at a young age. We began our work with him by passively encouraging movements of his arms and legs. We then started to use a harness, with the aid of which he began to walk short distances. Recently, he migrated to the treadmill. We use balls as incentives. He loves kicking his little football and so we place the ball a short distance ahead of him, so that he strives to kick it.

Alongside physiotherapy, we have used speech therapy to tease out a few words from César. He still babbles his words, but is making progress. By supporting him to be able to grab things and manipulate them with his hands, César is now eating independently. He can also make out different colours and objects. We are really proud of César and we have high hopes for him!

Family life

César lives with his mum, dad and older brother.


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