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Axel Avalos Medina

Axel photo cropped

Axel is now 14 years old and started coming to Pasitos de Luz as a little baby of just 8 months. Anyone who visits us will recognise Axel as the little boy with the huge smile.


Axel was born with spastic quadriplegia, which is a specific type of spastic Cerebral Palsy. As a result of this, Axel has a lot of difficulty controlling the movements of his arms and legs. He jerks his limbs and his facial muscles and the core of his body are also unable to perform their normal functions due to the intense amount of muscle tightness and strain. Axel finds it very difficult to stand or crawl and he needs to use a diaper because he cannot control his bladder or bowel movements.

Shortly after being born, Axel was diagnosed with another disorder, encephalopathy, due to blood incompatibility. This disorder means that Axel experiences seizures, involuntary eye movements and trouble swallowing. It also makes him feel very tired.

Axel is one of the numerous cases at Pasitos de Luz of children with multiple and profound disabilities.


Our physiotherapy work with Axel has focussed on reducing his spasticity, so that he can achieve a greater range of movements. He has regular sessions with our in-house masseur, Eliseo, who helps stimulate his muscles.

Axel is a complex and difficult case, but we are still delighted to have seen him make significant progress. He can now control his upper body a lot more and, in particular, has a lot better control of his head and neck. He can also now communicate through a range of facial expressions. What we would really like to see in the future is Axel sitting up unaided and being able to spin himself round. Watch this space!

Family life

Axel is an only child who has been raised entirely by his mother. His mum had him when she was very young and came to us because she was desperate to work. We have been supporting her and Axel for over 14 years now.


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