Pasitos de Luz

Alondra Marlene Ramirez

When she came to Pasitos de Luz at age 13, Alondra showed little interest in her surroundings. She would become easily irritated and often go into crisis mode. As a result, she cried a lot. This was her response to everyday situations. She did not know how to dress herself and was very unsociable. Alondra is now 16 years old.


Alondra is diagnosed as having Dysphasia, one in a group of speech disorders in which there is impairment of the power of expression by speech, writing, or signs, or impairment of the power of comprehension of spoken or written language. Dysphasia occurs when parts of the brain responsible for language are damaged.


After 3 years of coming to Pasitos de Luz, Alondra is a much more self-confident girl. For example, we have run workshops that have taught her how to dress herself, encouraging increased independence and self-worth. We have also focussed on supporting Alondra to increase her attention span. She is now much better at listening to and acting on instructions from both teachers and parents.

Alondra’s interest in her environment has opened up, giving way to much more relaxed behaviour towards her peers. She is now working on vocal training to achieve better diction. We are really proud of the progress that Alondra has made so far!

Family life

Alondra lives with her mum, dad and older sister about 20 minutes drive from Casa Connor. Often she will cycle with her dad to the bus stop where the Pasitos de Luz bus picks her up. She was born in Tepic, which is the capital of Nayarit state and located 2 and a half hours north of Puerto Vallarta.


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