Alexis Paul Aguirre

Alexis Paul Aguirre

Alexis is 6 years old and he came to Pasitos de Luz on October 28, 2016. At birth, Alexis had no development in his eye sockets. The diagnosis was that Alexis had acquired maternal rubella. His blindness severely impacted his progression in developing skills. For example, he could not walk independently when he came to Pasitos De Luz.

Over a 16 month period, Alexis progressed significantly. He walks by following voices, and manages to move around holding on to furniture. He has increased his vocabulary and language.

Our physiotherapist Eliseo, who is also blind, has been a role model and teacher for Alexis. He has taught Alexis how to move with the use of a cane and his movements are becoming more and more assertive. Alexis now demonstrates an improvement in his sense of security and is trying to explore new areas. He is a popular face at Casa Connor!


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