Pasitos de Luz

Monserrat Covarrubias Lopez

Montserrat, or Monse as she is known to friends and family, is 17 years old and started attending Pasitos de Luz at 5 years of age.


Monse was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome, a developmental disorder that affects many parts of the body and includes physical, behavioural and intellectual disabilities.

Because of her condition, she is at risk of diabetes, high blood calcium, joint stiffness, teeth problems and heart problems. At 5 years of age, Monse did not walk and demonstrated limited sociability. She had zero tolerance of taking instructions, which would cause her to go into crisis due to the stress this created.


Through Pasitos de Luz programs, Monse not only learned to walk, but her episodes of crises have been reduced by 90%. This has helped her with integration into individual and group activities. Her conversation level has increased too over the years that she has been at Pasitos. She receives cognitive stimulation in workshops, such as singing, dancing, literacy and games. Monse is 17 years old now and is able to perform some of the regular activities that other girls her age do, including drawing, painting and listening to rock music.

Family life

Monse has a little sister and was raised entirely by her mum, Lupita. In fact, Lupita is one of our Special Education teachers and started working at Pasitos de Luz at the same time that Monse was enrolled. This is one of the win-wins of our charity. We are a local employer and will, whenever possible, offer employment to any parents who need our help.


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