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Abigail Quiñones Zarate

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Abigail, or Aby as she is affectionately know, is 17 years old and has been coming to Pasitos de Luz since she was just 3.  She loves being here and has relished the move from our old location to Casa Connor. She tells us that she likes the extra space and being close to nature.


Aby was born with a cleft palate and metatarsus adductus in both feet. Metatarsus adductus is a common foot deformity that causes the front half of the foot, or forefoot, to turn inward. She also has learning disabilities, which affect her ability to talk, form relationships and to learn basic life skills. Aby is also shorter than she should be for her age.


Over the 14 years that Aby has been coming to Pasitos de Luz, we have supported her to walk, talk, read and write. She now walks with confidence and is a sociable young girl who is popular with her classmates. However, she still needs regular physiotherapy to correct her posture and is being supported by our Special Education teachers to improve her literacy and arithmetic. We are also ensuring that Aby eats well when she is at Casa Connor, to improve her physical development. Our ambition for Aby is that she can be a fully independent young adult.

Family life

Aby and her family moved to Puerto Vallarta from Mexicali, a city in the far north of Mexico, on the border with the USA. Aby was just six months old when her family came to Puerto Vallarta. She lives with her mum, dad and younger sister. Her mum, Teresa, is on our Board of Directors, bringing her vital experience of raising a child with disabilities to our Board.


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