Our therapy programs include physical therapy, early stimulation, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy sessions.

Rehabilitation at Pasitos de Luz is an interactive learning process between the therapist, child and family, involving the implementation of procedures to achieve optimal results for the kids, taking into account their residual capabilities. Our aim is to achieve a better quality of life for the children and their families.

Through modern physiotherapy and hydroptherapy, we have been able to achieve great results in the recovery of our children from acute illness, chronic sequelae and diseases.

Our children are looked after with special attention to detail and within an environment of love and compassion. Our professional hands-on staff offer many different kinds of therapy. Therapists provide one-on-one care to the kids, working on positioning, strengthening exercises, stretching techniques and support. These techniques are also taught to the families to try to encourage sustainable therapy outside of Pasitos, so that children are looked after adequately in their own homes.





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