Pasitos de Luz is pleased to announce that 2018 was another banner year for therapy! We are proud of the many achievements of our kids through the year and the partnerships we have gained and maintained, all helping to provide resources to help us meet our mission.

Increasing Types of Therapies 2018

In 2018, we provided physical/occupational therapy, multiple early stimulation, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy sessions. We were also able to introduce alternative therapies through our Temazcal, as well as music and dancing. This is directly related to the donation of Casa Connor to Pasitos de Luz as a facility. We are able to serve more children each day and have more space which allows us to provide more therapy sessions simultaneously as well as varied types of therapies. The overall number of physical therapy, early stimulation, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy sessions increased from 5,157 sessions in 2015 to 6,373 sessions in 2016 to 8,965 in 2017. In 2018, these same therapies plus the Temazcal, music and dancing sessions totalled 9,045.

About Alternative Therapies

A temazcal is a traditional Mexican steam bath that promotes physical well being and healing as well as being a ritual and spiritual practice. The therapeutic temazcal helps to relax and detoxify the body, stimulate the lymphatic system, aid blood flow and calm the mind. The temazcal has been used by Aztec and Mayan cultures for more than 2000 years. The temazcal can help by relaxing the muscles and nervous system, stimulating digestive and respiratory systems and eliminating toxins.

Dance and Music
Dance movement is a therapeutic form of exercise. Dance therapy for children with special needs has numerous benefits and advantages. Music and dance affect everyone differently. Children with limited mobility can express themselves and express their emotions. Dance and music are fun ways for the children to relieve stress, increase physical fitness and improve gross motor skills including strength, balance and coordination. The children have demonstrated increased confidence and self-esteem from their accomplishments by participating in alternative therapies.


We supported 130 families in 2018 and had many successes with the children. The types of successes ranged from improved motion to increased skills and increased education. These successes were a result of both therapy and nutrition regimes. Examples include:

  • Learning to sit up and/or walk
  • Strengthening abilities to protect themselves from falls
  • Increasing strength for sitting and standing
  • Improving balance
  • Improving cognitive functions
  • Teaching and learning basic education skills
  • Developing creative art and dance
  • Developing self-confidence

We see daily, weekly and monthly improvements in our children as they engage in therapy, educational programs, nutritional programs and recreation. To find out more on the progress of individual children, we encourage you to meet some of our kids!


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