Pasitos de Luz

Quick Facts


  • Who We Are

Pasitos de Luz is a registered non-profit organization founded by mothers of disabled children to achieve their therapeutic, psychological and basic needs. Pasitos de Luz provides care for disabled children from low-income families free of charge.

  • Who We Serve

Pasitos is a lifeline for approximately 130 families, with a goal of reaching up to 200 families. The children suffer from often acute physical and psychological disabilities. We offer a wide range of services free of charge, including physical therapy, psychological care, nutrition and wellness, education programs and so much more!

  • Registered Charity Status

Pasitos de Luz is officially registered and recognized by the Jalisco State Organization for Charities #010-070. (5.160)-DGAS-2011-223 and is also registered as a charity by the Mexican Inland Revenue Office. Pasitos de Luz is recognized and can provide tax deductible receipts in Mexico and through partner organizations in Canada and United States.

  • Statistical description of the children that we support

Pasitos de Luz accepts children and adolescents between the ages of 1 and 17 years old. At this time, we also have 5 adolescents between the ages of 17 and 22. Several of these adolescents have attended Pasitos de Luz from a young age. These young people have mental or physical conditions, for which the services of Pasitos de Luz continue to serve their progress.

Of the total number of children that come to Pasitos de Luz, 53% of them are girls and 47% are boys.

In relation to the population we serve, the following problems have been identified as the most common:

▪ Motor skills and movement issues 35.8%

▪ Communication and speaking skills 28.4%

▪ Mental limitations 22.3%

▪ Visual impairments 18.7

▪ Hearing issues 12.3%

▪ Inability to dress themselves (for those who are physically able) 11.8%

It is important to understand that a single child may have more than one disability. The disabling conditions of the Pasitos children that are evident from birth represent 40.6% of the cases, by disease 19%, while by an accident 6.2%.

The following diagnoses are represented in the children that we support:

Cerebral Palsy, Hemiparesis, Slow Learning, Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Conditions, inability to speak, Microcephaly, Muscular Dystrophy, Post-Meningitis Syndrome and other disabilities that impact a child’s ability to live independently.

  • Operation Hours:

Our services are offered Monday to Friday. We begin our day at 8:00 am. The children are assisted onto the bus from the former Pasitos location in Pitillal (or at a location en route) and are taken to Casa Connor by 9:00 am. At 4:00 pm the children are assisted onto the bus and are taken to their parents, either at the location where they were picked up or at the former Pitillal location by 5:00 pm. Beginning in 2020, we plan to start offering short-term respite services to families.

  • 100% free of charge:

All of our services are offered 100% free of charge.

  • Socio-economic characteristics of the population served:

The families targeted for services from Pasitos de Luz are those with limited resources and living in extreme poverty that have disabled children.

  • Our Institution is supported by the following:

▪ International Foundations

▪ Fundraising Events

▪ Local Companies

▪ Bazaar Sales

▪ Individuals

▪ Donations

  • Support received from the government or NGOs:


• The Government of Nayarit provided a new mini-bus to assist in the transportation of the children.

• IJAS (Instituto Jalisciense de Asistencia Social) provided a vehicle which is for the use of Pasitos de Luz so long as contract requirements are fulfilled, as well as training, donations of mats and food.

• There is no ongoing operational economic support.


Pasitos de Luz and Casa Connor receive donations from individuals and businesses. Individuals provide their financial support through foundations and entities capable of providing tax deductible receipts from countries outside of Mexico.

▪ Banderas Bay Charities   bbcinc.org

▪ Canadian Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation (Canada)   ccshf.ca

▪ Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation (US)   cshf-us.org

▪ Eagle’s Wings Foundation   eagles-wings-foundation.org

▪ Mayan Rental   funsunmexico.com

▪ Richard R. Reed Foundation   richardrreedfoundation.org

▪ International Friendship Club Puerto Vallarta   ifcvallarta.com

▪ Dahl Family Foundation

▪ Local businesses: Secrets Vallarta, Now Amber, Dreams Villamagna, Hard Rock Hotel, Elengorn Realtors

▪ Oxxo and Soriana Round Up campaigns in Banderas Bay


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