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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer your questions! On this page we answer some of the most frequent questions we are asked by volunteers, visitors, donors and parents who would like their children to benefit from our services. If we have still not answered your question, please get in touch by email at  or by phone on +52 322 137 1890 and we will be happy to help.

Which types of children does Pasitos de Luz support?

We support children with physical and intellectual disabilities, from low-income families, who live in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay, Mexico. We support children who, because of their disability, are unable to enter mainstream education, and who would benefit from special education, physical therapy, speech therapy, and other complementary therapies.

The following diagnoses are represented in the children we serve:

Cerebral palsy, hemiparesis, learning disabilities, Down Syndrome, autism spectrum conditions, inability to speak, microcephaly, muscular dystrophy, post-meningitis syndrome, and other disabilities that limit a child’s ability to live independently.

How is a child registered at Pasitos de Luz?

We ask all prospective parents to first fill out a registration form and send this to us at .

We carefully review the form and then, depending on the child’s diagnosis and family’s economic situation, we invite the child and his or her parents to a consultation at Casa Connor, so that they can speak with our Director of Operations, Yolanda Sánchez, and with our in-house doctor, who also carries out a physical examination. If we feel that the child and family meet our criteria and that we can help the child to make progress and overcome or better manage his or her disability, then we will register the child and draw up a detailed support plan.

Does Pasitos de Luz charge for its services?

No, all of our services are offered free-of-charge. We don’t charge anything to the families whose children benefit from our services.

All of our income comes from donations.

Where are you located?

We are based at Casa Connor, which is the name of the facility where we provide all of our services. Casa Connor is located near the town of San Vicente, Nayarit, about half an hour north of Puerto Vallarta. For instructions for how to find us, please use this helpful map.

What is the timetable at Pasitos de Luz?

Our days of operation are Monday to Friday. Our staff do come to Casa Connor on Saturdays for a half day, but there are no children. We use this time to plan for the week ahead.

Below is an outline of a typical day at Pasitos de Luz!

8am – Our bus leaves from our previous location in Pitillal. We pick up different groups as we travel from Puerto Vallarta to Casa Connor.

9am – the bus arrives at Casa Connor.

9am to 10.30am – breakfast for our kids. The smallest children eat first, followed by the older ones. Older children start their day by dancing to wake up, and then engage in breathing exercises to settle down.

10.30am to 2pm – classes, activities and therapies. Our fruit trolley delivers fresh fruit to all children and staff at midday.

2pm to 3pm – lunchtime for our kids, starting with the smaller children.

3pm to 4pm – our smallest children are cleaned up and are changed into a fresh set of clothes. Our older children brush their teeth, go to the toilet, change into fresh clothes and wind down watching a film in one of our quiet areas.

4pm – our bus leaves Casa Connor.

5pm – our bus arrives at our previous location and the remaining children are handed over to their parents.

How do the children get to Casa Connor?

The children travel to and from Casa Connor in our own bus.

Currently, we have a pick-up spot at the previous Pasitos de Luz location, in the Pitillal neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta. We also pick up children along the route to Casa Connor from Pitillal.

Is there transportation available for staff, volunteers or visitors to get out to Casa Connor?

Yes. We can arrange a pick-up spot for you. You can then accompany the children and staff when they travel to and from Casa Connor on our special bus. We can also arrange for transportation outside of those scheduled trips.

Please contact us so we can work out a plan that will meet your needs.

Can I volunteer if I don't speak Spanish?

Yes! We are happy to have you join us as a volunteer. We always need extra pairs of hands.

We can provide an English speaking staff member to help you get started. There are many activities that you can get involved in, even if you don’t speak Spanish.

For full details about volunteering with us, see here

Can I donate to Pasitos de Luz by cheque?

The answer is YES! Below are the options available. Thank you!

To donate within Mexico  – please make your cheque payable to Mamás Unidas por la Rehabilitación de sus Hijos A.C. and send to:

Pasitos de Luz, Exiquio Corona #545, Col. Bobadilla, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, C.P 48290

To donate from Canada – if you would like a tax deduction,  please make your cheque payable to Canadian Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation or CCSHF. Please indicate your donation is for Pasitos de Luz at Casa Connor and mail to:

CCSHF, Unit 2, 87 Lavinia Ave, Toronto, ON, M6S 3H9

To donate from United States – if you would like a tax deduction, please make your check payable to Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation or CSHF. Please indicate your donation is for Pasitos de Luz at Casa Connor and mail to:

Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation, P.O. Box 3135, Montrose, CO 81402.


You can donate through Banderas Bay Charities. Checks may be sent to 505 N Tomahawk Dr., Portland, Oregon 97217. Prior to sending a check, please contact Amy Welch at 

Full information about donating to us is here


Every donation, even the smallest, makes a difference.  Please join us in supporting Pasitos de Luz and send your donation today.

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