Pasitos de Luz

Helping Pasitos de Luz at Casa Connor and Remembering Connor

Casa Connor / Pasitos de Luz Matching Donation Campaign and Silent Auction – Making a Difference

Wow! The Canadian communities have stood up to be counted! Our hearts are full and we are so blessed.

Our fundraising campaign was focussed on Making a Difference and we can honestly say YOU have made a World of Difference. We were facing a near crisis due to a loss of four major fundraisers as a result of COVID-19. But through the Making a Difference online auction and matching donation campaign, we have received much-needed resources toward our operations.  

Your generosity has given us the room we need to continue well into 2021

The auction brought in an outstanding net total of $13,640 Canadian dollars. The matching donation campaign has met and even exceeded our goals. We have a number of outstanding pledges at this time but we fully expect this overall event will provide up to 30% of our operating requirements for 2021!  Your generosity has made a significant difference!

Thank you for believing in Pasitos de Luz at Casa Connor. Thank you for keeping Connor Vanderveen’s legacy and memory alive. And thank you for everything that you have done for the Pasitos kids and their families.

We are so excited to have our kids coming back soon!

Currently, the state of Jalisco is projecting a return for kids to schools from January 25th 2021. We are hoping to begin to bring some of the Pasitos kids back to Casa Connor at that same time. Teachers are being targeted for vaccines in Jalisco, which we anticipate will include our staff. Please note: We will not be able to accommodate any visitors or volunteers until further notice. Please watch our website.

We are so excited to have our kids coming back soon! We are excited to start our pool therapy. We believe 2021 holds huge promise! YOU have contributed to that by working together to Make a Difference! 

You can continue to Make a Difference by taking part in our community activities

We will be continuing with our community engagement activities and Kids Helping Kids activities and encourage you to join in and be part of a great community of giving and receiving. 

See some examples of how kids are helping kids. Please have a look at our featured Kids Helping Kids stories here

You can also participate in some activities in Calgary or you can participate from your own house anywhere! Check out activities below and join in by contacting us! 

Pasitos de Luz


Every donation, even the smallest, makes a difference.  Please join us in supporting Pasitos de Luz and send your donation today.

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Think you could be of service to our community at Pasitos de Luz?

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