Vallarta Culinary Association Charity Dinner – Saturday May 26

The Vallarta Culinary Association consists of several talented Chefs in Puerto Vallarta: Chef Memo Wulff (Chef owner at Barrio Bistro), Chef Everardo Robles (Executive Chef at Le Kliff), Chef Omar García (Executive Chef at La Vaca Argentina), and Chef Gunther Auerbach (Chef director at Molecular Chef).

We are a culinary association, made up of talented Vallarta chefs, committed, passionate and focused on helping and promoting foundations and different social sectors through gastronomic experiences of the highest level.

At one of many meetings of this group, one of the chefs proposed to organize gastronomic events with benefit to institutions and aid organizations which was accepted immediately by the rest of the group without hesitation. This is how preparations began for the first event to be held at the Barrio Bistro restaurant on Saturday, May 26. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the foundation: Pasitos de Luz.

The chefs for this inaugural event will also be joined by visiting Chef Ignacio del Río Mora of the world-renowned Benazuza Restaurant in Cancún.

Saturday, May 26 | Barrio Bistro | 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Join us any time after 6pm to enjoy an amazing evening consisting of a 5-course dinner which will be cooked by 5 great chefs from the culinary scene of Puerto Vallarta; enjoy this evening to be remembered and, at the same time, feel honored by the joy of helping children with disabilities of the foundation: Pasitos de luz.

Cost: 990 pesos per person

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Aguachile de pesca del día y callo fresco de la baja (fresh shrimp catch of the day and scallops from the Baja cooked in lime and chile)
Chef Everardo Robles

Hongos silvestres al cuastecomate (wild mushrooms with cuastecomate fruit)
Chef Memo Wulff

Latzil tzikil de pollo (a delicious chicken dish)
Chef Ignacio del río Mora

Tamalito de elote y chile guajillo (tamale of corn and guajillo chiles)
Chef Omar García

Flan untuoso de chocolate al 70% (sumptuous flan of 70% chocolate)
Chef Gunther Auerbach

The Vallarta Culinary Association invites you to enjoy an amazing meal for charity!! You can purchase tickets online:

For more information about the menu on the day, please contact the chefs at

For information about tickets and the event itself, please contact Pasitos De Luz at