Pasitos de Luz

We rely on fundraising events to support our children and continue providing much-needed services at Casa Connor. The income we get from events makes up a significant part of our annual operating budget. The events are essential to helping us continue doing what we do. However, due to COVID-19, we will not be able to run our events this season as we have in the past. Our need will be even greater as a result. See below for information surrounding our major events.

Save the dates!

We have several events that happen annually, each organised and run by our hardworking volunteers. These events are:

Calgary Mexican Fiesta Fundraiser – November 2020 – this event has been cancelled. The organizers will be running a fundraising drive based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Please watch for more information.

Illumination: Dinner, Show and Silent Arts Auction
– December 2020 – this event has been cancelled. Our Puerto Vallarta and area businesses have been hit hard by COVID-19. We don’t feel we can ask for donated auction items, nor the donated expertise and time from our restaurants, nor in- kind contributions for entertainment.  We need to give our partners time to recoup their losses and rebuild. We also need to be sensitive by not asking people to gather in large groups while COVID-19 remains a threat.

Luncheon Fashion Show at River Cafe
– January 2021 – This event is cancelled due to the pandemic.

Riverfest at El Rio BBQ Bar – February 2021- This event is cancelled due to the pandemic.

We do hope you can continue to support us in any way that you can. We continue to support our 130 children and their families by ensuring they have sufficient food, necessities and support. As we reopen, we are initially providing therapies to a limited number of children with the greatest need. We will reopen to our full complement of services to coincide with the reopening of schools in Mexico.

Would you like to help run an event for us?

We would love your help to run any type of event that is as safe as possible during the pandemic. The benefit of any type of fundraiser makes a huge difference to our children. The event can be as big or small as you want. Every cent counts! If you have an idea for an event or any type of fundraiser, please get in touch with us by email at 

Our upcoming events…

Watch this space for detailed information on any changes or upcoming events and how to get involved. As soon as we know, we’ll let you know. Thank you in advance for your support!


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