Help us Build our Therapy Pool at Casa Connor

Help us Build our Therapy Pool

We want to build a Therapy Pool to be able to offer vital hydrotherapy to our kids. Before we moved to Casa Connor, we had access to a very small pool in our old location, which was hugely popular with our children and produced lasting benefits. Now we want to provide this resource at Casa Connor but on a larger scale and to professional specifications.

Building the Therapy Pool is our current priority capital campaign. We have made a good start with our fundraising, but need your help.

A vital resource

It is vital for children with complex needs to access water therapy on a regular basis. On dry land, movement of many of our children is extremely limited; regular hydrotherapy sessions allow the children to experience freedom of movement. Regular therapy can also improve their general physical stamina and lung functions.

We have consulted with Lori Clayton, who runs the hydrotherapy programme at the Emily Follensbee School for children with special needs in Calgary, Canada. This is the very same school that Connor Vanderveen attended. Connor is the young boy after whom Casa Connor, our home, is named.

Lori has highlighted some of the unique benefits that the Therapy Pool will bring to our kids:

  • A Therapy Pool is a gravity-free environment. You are weightless and the water is supporting you, which makes weight bearing and walking easier. It is a wonderful place to learn to walk. Many of our students have learned to walk in the pool and then transfer the skill to land.
  • The resistance of the water slows down movements, which allows the brain to process signals more thoroughly. This can benefit children’s fine and gross motor movements.
  • Water immersion to the shoulders increases blood flow to the brain by 7%!
  • Warm water relaxes muscles which increases your range of motion. Children are able to do more in the water than they can on land because of this.
  • Motor learning is increased and can last up to 4 hours after leaving the pool (this point is my favorite!)

In addition , tangible results from use of the therapy pool go beyond physical benefits. There is evidence that supports the use of hydrotherapy intervention for improving the social interactions and behaviors of children with a variety of psychological issues and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We can’t emphasize enough what a CRITICAL RESOURCE a therapy pool is for significantly improving the lives of our children. The therapy pool will require a roof above it for shade to protect the children. It needs ramps for wheelchairs, as well as showers and bathrooms. The pool must also be heated, given the extensive and varied nature of our children’s disabilities.

Help make our dream a reality…

The cost of our new Therapy Pool, and the additional requirements that go with it, is estimated at approximately $284,000 USD. We have made a good start, but need your help. Will you help us to raise the $30,000 USD that we still need to turn the dream of our Therapy Pool into a reality?

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If you would like more information about our Therapy Pool project or have any questions, please email and we will be happy to help.

Watch our video to learn more about how the therapy pool will provide much-needed and lasting benefits to our kids…

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