Donate to our Therapy Pool

Donate to our Therapy Pool

Our current priority capital campaign is the building of a therapy pool for the children of Pasitos de Luz at Casa Connor. This pool will make a huge difference to their lives! Many of our children suffer from disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy and Hemiparesis, that have been proven to benefit from therapies that can only be offered in a specialist pool.

Our children without physical disabilities and impairments will also be able to enjoy the pool, especially during the hot summer months here in Puerto Vallarta.

A vital resource

The unique properties of the therapy pool will offer many benefits to our children with special needs. For example, it will help them improve their key developmental skills, including crawling, walking, rolling and jumping. The buoyancy provided by the pool will provide the necessary assistance, resistance and support to really help our children achieve their individual therapy goals. We can’t emphasise enough what a fantastic resource this will be for the children at Casa Connor.

The therapy pool will require a roof above it for shade to protect the children. It needs ramps for wheelchairs, as well as showers and bathrooms. The pool must also be heated, given the extensive and varied nature of our children’s disabilities.

Thank you for your support…

The cost of the therapy pool, and the additional requirements that go with it, is estimated at approximately $4,800,000 MXN, including VAT. This is approximately $284,000 USD. We have made a great start, but need your help.

Every cent and peso count! You can either donate by clicking one of the fixed amount boxes on the right-hand side of this page, or by clicking ‘Other’ to choose your own amount. Once again, thank you…

Watch our video to learn more about how the therapy pool will provide much-needed and lasting benefits to our kids…

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